This was a group effort of the best kind. So many people helped with this effort, and they deserve to be acknowledged. It is for the moment a partial list, but we hope it will grow. Please send us names of faculty, staff, and students who helped gather materials. 

Amanda Chapman and other members of the pedagogy committee conceived of this online repository and provided both vision and persistence where others would have given up. Digital Media Learning Coordinators Matt Kelly (Fall 2016-Spring 2017) and Melissa Yang (Spring 2016) helped conceptualize and design the online interface for this project. Digital Media Learning Coordinator Katie Bird (Fall 2017-Spring 2018) helped with site design and user experience feedback.

In the English Department offices, Anthony Payne led a team of undergraduate student workers who dedicated many hours to uploading content to the site. Team members included Laura Conley, Takyra Lewis, Nash Giddings, Justin Fritz, and Frances McDermott. Chelsea Chaump and other staff have been collecting and curating course materials for several years. In writing, MFA students Andrew Thurman and Kathryn Waring compiled and arranged syllabi in advance of the project. In composition, program administrators and assistants have done similar. Matt Lavin served as project lead and web developer for the online repository.