About this Repository

This online repository of pedagogical materials was first conceived as an effort to encourage a culture of pedagogical cooperation and exchange in the English Department at the University of Pittsburgh. English is the largest department in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. As of Fall 2017, the department listed 877 course descriptions in the University of Pittsburgh's online course catalog. Our website lists profile information for 93 tenured, tenure stream, and non-tenure stream faculty. We serve approximately 650 majors, minors, and certificate students and 110 graduate students, as well as the thousands of other students who take courses in the department.

In other words, we do a great deal of teaching, and there's a tremendous opportunity for all of us to benefit from one another's experience. Beginning with an initial collection instructor syllabi, the English Department Course Repository seeks to curate and share teaching materials representing undergraduate and graduate courses from each of the department's four programs: Composition, Literature, Film, and Writing.

We hope this resource will continue to grow. English department faculty can sign up for user accounts and easily contribute teaching materials not yet listed in the repository. Updated versions of syllabi and other documents are welcome and encouraged.